Course Policies/Grading

Attendance Policy:
Students are expected to attend each class session on time and prepared.  If you must miss a class, you may email me 3 comments/questions that you would have contributed to the class discussion about the assigned reading/viewing and receive half credit for the day.  All make-up emails must be received by 5 p.m. on the day after your absence.  No late emails will be counted.  If I do not receive the email, your participation grade for the day will be a 0.  [If the email does not arrive due to technical error, I will require you to forward me the original so that I can check the time stamp.  Send a copy of these to yourself so that you forward it to me if you need.]  More than one absence will negatively impact your final grade.  Excessive tardies (two or more) will be counted as absences.

Policy on Late or Missing Work:
All work is due on the date indicated on the syllabus or assignment sheet.  Any change in deadline will be accompanied by a timely change to the online schedule and an announcement on the main course page, well in advance of the new due date.  Late work will be accepted, but will be docked a letter grade for each day it is late.  Thus, a “B” paper, due on Tuesday but turned in Thursday morning will receive a “D.”  In the case of an emergency, I am willing to grant any student one extension during the semester.  If you feel you need one, please contact me before the due date to explain your circumstances.  I will not issue extensions after the project is due.

Academic Integrity Policy:
Students at the College of Saint Rose are expected to be honest in every aspect of their academic work.  All work presented as a student’s own must be the product of his or her own efforts.  Students working in groups are each individually responsible for the academic integrity of the group project.  Plagiarism, cheating, academic misconduct, or any other submission of another’s work as one’s own is unacceptable.  Plagiarism or cheating on any assignment will result in a failed grade for this course.  Students are advised to consult the new policy on Plagiarism and Academic Integrity.  If you have any doubt about whether you are violating the policy, I will be happy to check it against your source PRIOR to the due date.

Policy on Student Accommodations:
If you are a student with a documented disability and require academic accommodations please register with Lynn Cantwell, the Director of Services for Students with Disabilities, located in the Academic Support Center on the 2nd floor of St. Joseph Hall (campus extension 2335 or 337-2335, off campus) for disability verification and for determination of recommended reasonable academic accommodations.  After you have made arrangements with that office, please see me to discuss your accommodations.  Please remember that timely notice will help avoid a delay in your receipt of accommodations.


In-class Participation                                    15%

Social Media Portfolio                                    15%

Expertise Project                                                10%

Reflective Essay                                                10%

Research Paper (inc. all drafts and presentation)          50%

Grading Scale:

A:            93.5—100

A-:            93.4—89.5

B+:            86.5—89.4

B:             79.5—86.4

C:            69.5—79.4

D:            59.5—69.4

F:            59.4 or below


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