Blog and Tweet and Draft, Oh My!

Welcome back from break, #eng576ers!  A few ideas for your interactions this week as we anticipate a rousing workshop on your rough drafts.


If you haven’t already sent out some tweets about your work on your draft this week, tweet out any of the following:

  1. My most recent epiphany regarding my topic is _____________.
  2. I began with _________ idea, but now I’m moving on to ____________.
  3. A quote/image/scene you’re working with intensively.
  4. The theorist/critic ______________ would say this about my primary text: “________.”

Blog Post

I’d like you to make two moves in your blog post this week: the first is analytic, and the second is meta-reflective.

First, I’d encourage you to choose one of the prompts above to begin to talk the status of your project as it stands.  What are predominant quotes/images/scenes that are beginning to shape your approach to your primary text/texts? Which secondary sources (authors, titles, arguments) are playing a role in shaping your analysis, and in what way?  What is your new working thesis or research question, and what are the next steps that you’ll take in approaching it?

Second, check-in with the development of your thinking, noting what important moves you’ve made thus far, and how these might help you as you go forward. A few ideas:

  • Choose a moment at which the idea for your paper took on a more substantive shape, or changed directions significantly.  What, specifically, occurred (something you read, a connection that you made, etc.) that moved your idea from one place to another? In what ways did your reactions to that occurrence refine the concept? How might you use this same process to guide your progress as you go forward?
  • How are you approaching the difficult cognitive work of analyzing your secondary texts, and then synthesizing a core set of ideas and arguments that frame your work with your primary text?  (If you’d like some additional terminology, you might consult Bloom’s Taxonomy)
  • What have been the skills that you’ve depended on thus far to move your paper forward?  Choose one or two and describe how they have helped you make progress in your draft.


We obviously can’t read through your entire draft on Wednesday, but there are some key pieces that I’d like you to pull from your draft and to bring with you to class, so that your colleagues can give you some feedback. Please bring the following:

  • A few paragraphs from your paper where you work through the analysis, or “close reading” of a piece of your primary text.  This should include a specific example and an interpretation of the quote/scenes, etc..  It should also explain how the piece exemplifies larger patterns in the work, and moves toward your argument about the text itself.
  • A few paragraphs where you work to bring secondary critics/theorists to bear on your terms, critical frame, etc. for your analysis.  It should show us how you are putting these critics into conversation with each other (where do they agree or disagree?), and move toward identifying your own contribution to their claims.
  • A few paragraphs of your choice that highlight a particular thread or idea that you’re still working through, or would like some feedback on.

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