Updated Schedule and Rough Draft Alert!

If you check out the newly-updated schedule, you’ll see that I’ve moved things around a bit, to give you more time to make the move from your exploratory draft to your rough draft.  We’ll do a bit of work on this as well in the moved-up “draft workshop,” but in the meantime, here are the moves that I’d like to see you make in your rough draft:

  • evidence of a preliminary literature review (3-5 sources)
  • evidence of an emerging theoretical position (at least 3 sources)
  • a handful (at least 3) close readings of specific passages and/or scenes
  •  a preliminary thesis/argument that positions your interpretation of these passages/scenes with reference to the lit review and the theoretical position
  • a preliminary attempt at articulating the stakes/implications of your argument.  What intervention is it making into which conversation?  What will your interpretation of the text change or highlight about it, and what expectations/assumptions will change because of it?

Draft should be 10-15 pages, and include your working bibliography.


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