Oscar Wao Conversation

  1. Reflections on Race, Ethnicity, Culture
  2. #eng576 “No matter what the truth, remember: Dominicans…have an extraordinary tolerance for extreme phenomena” Seems key to understanding
  3. @m_trump87 Very important questions in the book I think: what makes a true Dominican, is there such a thing, and who decides? #eng576
  4. #eng576 “No one, alas, more oppressive than the oppressed” (footnotes, 22)
  5. Lola spoke “perfect stuck-up Spanish” (168). Enjoyed the racial hierarchies and theme of not being a true Dominican #eng576
  6. @GenevieveMAldi @m_trump87 “what makes Dominican Dominican” is a big deal in this book– for men and women, boys and girls #eng576
  7. “You really want to know what being an X-Man feels like? Just be a smart bookish boy of color in a contemporary U.S. ghetto.” (22) #eng576
  8. Experience as Readers

  9. @m_trump87 I agree, though I must admit I used only context clues and google translated very little! lazy? #eng576
  10. I don’t have a local, neighborhood comic book nerd. Missed 98% of the references I’m sure. #oscarwao #eng576
  11. #eng576 setting DR as “Trujillo’s DR”, another world with impossible realities, convolutes myth/reality, anything could be plausible
  12. @GenevieveMAldi @middlemiddlek @JU3142 I was proud to see that I remember some Spanish too, but its esp great for the curses&slang! #eng576
  13. Themes/Questions
  14. @JulietBarney @GenevieveMAldi @KompKitty @KellyWeiss13 Creating a legacy by emphasizing his negative nerd status and growth to hero? #eng576
  15. El Jefe erases Abelard by erasing his writings (p246) #eng576
  16. @sixfootgelfling it seems like there is a collection of family stories that all go back to the fuku Plot to prove the curse is real #eng576
  17. External Contexts
  18. Is anyone else confused about what is considered paratext and what is intertext? My head is starting to hurt #ENG576
  19. @KellyWeiss13 @GenevieveMAldi Footnotes remind me of the s.s. we read in 564 that I can’t think of now. Any idea what I’m thinking? #eng576
  20. @middlemiddlek thank you! Still early on &thinking about possible relation between Galactus quote & fukú. #eng576

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